Saturday, November 23, 2013

A blessing named, Awa

The village chief has given Awa permission to be our language helper and also our care-taker here in Kimini.

Awa is a young woman with the responsibility of caring for 2 young children and she now also has the respondibility of caring for Linda and I in the village. And, we DO need a care-taker.

Each morning and each evening, Awa passes by to see if there is anything at all that we need. She checks to see if our two 20-liter water bottles are full. She takes us around the village introducing us to all of her family and friends. She takes us to the market and helps us to buy food and our daily needs. She takes us to visit the tailor to have a new skirt made. She brings us gifts of rice and beans and offers to do our laundry for us.

In addition, Awa has taken on the task of being our language helper as Linda and I study the local language of Jula.

Then, during the rest of her day, Awa cares for her two small children and watches over her fields of corn, rice, and peanuts.

How thankful I am for this precious young woman and the blessing that she is to us!


shari said...

Praising God for Awa!!!!

obat pelangsing cepat said...

thanks for sharing,and good job