Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nurses from St Louis

This month we are privileged to have a visit from two nurses, Katy Frankel and Lyndsay Kleekamp from St. Louis. Katy has specialized in neonatal intensive care and Lyndsay has specialized in post-op intensive care.

Both Katy and Lyndsay very quickly slipped into daily life with us here in Yako. At any time during the day, they are found interacting and working with our nurses, Josie and Bea, hugging and caring for our babies, playing with our older children, cooking and baking, etc.

It is a joy to have these young women here with us. They have come with expertise and hearts to serve. This month is already going so quickly and I for one, do not want it to end.


JoPuma said...

Hey, i know that nurse, Lyndsay Kleekamp, i'm from Honduras, she travele to here with the Washington Overseas Mission, from Washington, Missouri.!! I'ts nice to know that she's ok!

By the way, at what country did she took this picture..?



lynds.. said...

David, hi this is Lyndsay.

I spent some time in Burkina Faso, Africa. This picture was taken last year!

Good to hear from you:)