Friday, February 11, 2011

Mobile Nursing Units

This month we held our first medical outreach in a neighboring village about 14 kilometers from Yako, a village called Doure. We worked with a local pastor, the village chief, and several of the village fathers to arrange a temporary shelter that was placed under some nice trees so that the mothers and children were not waiting in the hot sun to see the nurses.

The nurses treated over 100 children. Four of the children were very sick, with very high fevers. But before leaving our temporary clinic their temperatures had started to go down.

This month, we have two nurses visiting from St Louis, Katy Frankel and Lyndsay Kleekamp, Katy and Lyndsay worked shoulder to shoulder with our nurses Josie and Bea to evaluate and treat the children.

We will be returning to Doure each week now and hope to also start this project in another village very soon. This video shows some of the hundreds of mothers and children who came for medical treatment. The need is so great! We could go out everyday into a different village and still not begin to be able to meet the need. But, we are thankful for this opportunity that the Lord has given us to help the children.

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