Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Donna Meets her Sponsored Kids--

Donna Schroeder is here to visit her daughter, Becky, to visit Burkina, to eat tô, and to experience whatever each days brings to her. Today we went out to visit the Schroeder's two sponsored children. Both of their children are little first grade boys, one living inside of Yako and the other living about 10 kilometers outside of town.

Rachid is a very timid and shy little guy who was singing and dancing inside, but was sitting still and stoic on the outside.

Alidou is a more outgoing little guy and his eyes were dancing as he realized that inside the bag was a t-shirt, a ballcap, a harmonica, and other special things. . . just for him.

Both families were blessed by a 200 bag of rice and a few other very practical things for preparing the family meals.

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