Friday, August 13, 2010

A Tribute to Sarah and Lisa

Saying 'See you again soon', not 'Good-bye'!

The Lord sent two special gifts to Burkina Faso this past year. They were packaged in the forms of Lisa Otterpohl and Sarah Oeder from Germany. Sarah and Lisa worked tirelessly with us at the orphanage for one year and they have left their mark in each of our hearts.

The list of their accomplishments and impact on our projects here is vast but to name just a few. . .

  • they ministered to our babies and older children by caring and loving, teaching and mentoring

  • they conducted child evangelism activities where 100's of children accepted the Lord

  • they reached out to children and churches outside of our community expressing the love of Jesus, encouraging local pastors, touching the children

  • they preached, they taught

  • they sang and they danced with our children

  • they participated in church activities

  • they painted our house!

  • they painted our church!

  • they organized our house and the clinic and the storage building

  • they held art classes with the orphanage children and our school children

  • They taught English in our primary school
  • and many, many more things and blessings are now ours through their time with us

So, we cannot say 'good-by' but we say 'A Bientot', see you again soon.

Lisa and Sarah, you will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in following his call to Burkina! Thank you for your servant hearts! If the Lord allows, we will see you again. Maybe on Burkina's soil? Maybe on Germany's or US soil? But if not on earthly soil. . . . for sure we will meet again in heaven.

With love from Burkina,


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