Saturday, August 21, 2010

Appendicitis and Typhoid Fever

Please Pray for Emanuel--

One of our boys, Emanuel Kouda, is in the hospital in Ouagadougou. I received an urgent call yesterday from Mathieu, also studying at the university, saying that they had called an ambulance and that Emanuel needed surgery.

As it turns out, I had gone to OUA to take care of some business yesterday. My schedule got completely changed, but I am glad that I was there and was able to meet the boys at the hospital.

Ema has appendicitis and typhoid fever. The surgery was successful and he is now recovering in his hospital room and may be released today.

Please pray for Ema. He has been discouraged about his studies and he has been dealing with 'not feeling well' for some time now. He has lost a lot of weight. He is a very tall boy and now resembles a walking skeleton. Please pray that real soon Ema will be back on his feet.

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Kelly said...

Any update on Ema?