Friday, August 13, 2010

Tene's First Return Visit to Burkina!

A Visit from the Alonso family!

It was a great joy this past week to receive Phillipe and Beda Alonso and their family for a visit to the orphanage and to Burkina. This was the family's first return visit to Burkina since adopting their daughter, Tene, in 2007.

Tene's early childhood was filled with pain and suffering but she has been wonderfully rescued and is now thriving in a loving family and a beautiful environment in France. One of her older brothers, Eloi, is in this picture. She has another older brother, Quinten, who was not available for the picture.

Tene is completely integrated into her family. She is thriving physically and mentally. She will be entering the 5th grade this Fall. She plays the saxaphone, is an avid skier, enjoys swimming, and has many friends.

Here is little Tene when she came to the orphanage in 2005.

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Jennifer said...

No way! Amazing...tears in the eyes.