Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orphanage Gets a Face-lift

Orphanage Gets a Face-lift

This past week some friends came for a visit and they came with hearts to bless our children. They were a group of 10, the Richter's, a missionary family living in a small town called Dana here in Burkina and the Massie's, a family visiting from Texas.

They came with hearts to serve, with paint and with painting supplies, replacement screens for the baby rooms, and new mattresses for the beds of some of our older children. They built a roost and nesting boxes in our chicken house and they finished the installation of our washer and dryer.

With Sarah and Lisa from Germany, Brittany, Miriah, and Jordan from Canada, and Hayley from the US. . . . and the Richter's and Massie's. . . . we were a working force that gave the orphanage a new and clean face.

Two of the dormitory rooms were painted, 2 cribs were painted, the
4 metal doors across the back of the dormitory were painted and the main gates entering the compound were painted!

Geoffrey and Chad checked and double checked the installation of the washer
and dryer and then found that the problem with the dryer was that rats had got inside of it and had built nests. The rats and their nests were cleaned out and the dryer is now functioning properly.

Last but not least, the Richter and Massie boys built nesting boxes and a roost for our chickens. Finally, our chickens are beginning to lay eggs! Some of them are still young but a couple of them have started laying. With the comfort and security of their new environment, it is sure that they will all be laying soon and our children will have eggs to eat for breakfast!


Jennifer said...

How wonderful! And what a huge blessing!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! That's my former pastor, from when I lived in New Braunfels! Go Massies!