Thursday, March 08, 2012

Wash U Occupational Therapy Students

I would like to introduce Erin Sanborn, Frances Montanye, and Sarah Dacy to you, all Occupational Therapy students from Wash U in St Louis. Sarah is graduating this May with her Master’s degree and Erin and Frances will study for one more year to have their PHD’s.

These young women have arrived ready to work. They are highly motivated and they are full of great ideas and energy.

The main purpose for their trip is research into the medical conditions and needs of the women and children in our region. They prepared a survey of questions in English and French and are working with three different translators who help them to speak to the village women in their native language of Moore.

This week, we have already held two days of survey taking, one in Sector 6 of Yako and one in the village of Doure. Tomorrow, we will go to Kabo, a small village about 15 kilometers outside of Yako.

In addition to general health questions in the survey we are looking for malnourished children and offering to help their mothers get help for the children.


Occupational Therapist said...

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