Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trip to Dano

This week I made a trip to visit some missionary friends in Dano, a small town in southwest Burkina. The Richter Family has been living and working in Dano for a little over 3 years. Geoffrey works on water/well projects, evangelism, and church plants, and Suzanne takes care of her family and is reaching out to help the orphans in her region.

The purpose of my trip was to see what Suzanne is doing, to meet some of their local workers, and to see how I might help Suzanne to get her projects up and running more quickly than if she had to do all of the start-up work on her own.

We spent time dreaming of what the work might look like, praying together, going out to visit orphans in the village, talking with and encouraging her local workers, and talking with and praying with their team members.

For me, this trip was pure joy! What fun to have time with dear friends and to dream and plan together about how they will help the children in their region.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful opportunity to help someone else who is wanting to help your little ones!

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