Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mobile Nursing Clinic

Yesterday our nurse, Bea, held the weekly children's clinic in Doure. Kelsey and Rebecca and I went along to help in whatever way we could. There is a new pastor in Doure, Pastor Salomon, who came by to greet us.

Because we are now in the rainy season, the number of children at the clinic was down. But, still Bea treated 45 sick children.

This week, Bea treated several cases of malaria and typhoid fever, many skin disorders including fungal infections and impetigo, and dysentery. The little girl in the picture with the green dress was treated for a serious fungal infection on her head and she had received multiple bee stings on her face at school this week. All of the children received medicine as needed and the mothers were reassured that their children would be okay.

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Jennifer said...

Tell Bea that I LOVE her and miss her!