Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scorpion Carriers--

Seasons come and seasons go here and I always have trouble knowing when a particular season occurs. Like, when are the veggies plentiful in the Yako market and when are they sparse? And, when are mangoes in season? How long will the season last?

But, one season that I now know for sure is the 'Scorpion Carrier' season. IT IS NOW! This week, we have killed 3 scorpion carriers in the house. More than we have ever had in the house in one season!

These little critters are one of my least favorite. The name 'scorpion carrier' is not an official name. If you google it. . . . you will only find a blog by a previous Peace Corps person who wrote about them. Our local children and friends call these little guys by this name because they say that scorpions actually jump onto their backs and go for a ride.

My children tell me that they do not bite or sting. My problem with them is that they are very ugly and that they move very fast when I am wanting to kill them!


DL said...


Kelly Beazley said...

I remember killing one of those myself! I must say I was terrified!!! wait, i dont think terrified is the word but o well. But anyways, I dont like them either!!!

The Riddering's said...

Ugh! Not looking forward to these I must confess!! But I am prepared for the ugly as much as the lovely. :)

Lisa and Ben said...

Ruth, honey DON'T KILL them. They eat scorpions and when you see them they are a good warning that there are scorpions about. Yes, they are ugly but VERY helpful!! They don't bite or sting.