Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trip to Kimini--

Quite miraculously the Lord opened the door for me to make a trip to Kimini today. I have been trying to contact a friend here in Bobo, named Adama for 3 weeks and had not been able to reach him. But, last Saturday, Adama and I talked on the phone and arranged for this trip today.

Kimini is a tiny village just 15 kilometers from the border of the Ivory Coast where we have been working with the First Baptist Church from California, MO for 3 years now. FBC will be sending a team here in August and I will be going back to Kimini with them at that time.

As a result of years of prayer and tears, the Lord has answered FBC's cries and there are now a few new believers in Kimini. FBC is working through their long-term plan and their commitment to these new believers.

The purpose of the trip today was to meet with the village chief and begin plans to drill a deep well in Kimini, to make arrangements to survey a piece of land that the village has given to FBC for a church and a clinic, and to see about having a latrine built in preparation for the team's visit in August.

We met with the village chief and leaders and they are thrilled with the possibility of a well with pure water coming to the community. We also walked the land in order to get some idea of where to drill the well, with the final word coming from the water experts. And, we talked with a local mason asking the costs of building a latrine.

All in all, an exhausting and at the same time exhilarating day. We will still have some meetings tomorrow morning with associations that are drilling in the area of Kimini and then I will head back to Ouagadougou and continue on to Yako on Thursday.

These pictures are some of the adorable children of Kimini who need to hear about Jesus!