Sunday, March 06, 2011

Joey and Benny--

After receiving a call on Friday from Social Action, Becky and I hopped in the car and drove to Guircy, 35 kilometers away, to pick up newborn twin boys. The babies had been thrown down a dry well which thankfully was only a little over 2 meters deep. They were covered with dried blood from their birth and were scraped and scratched a bit but do not seem to be seriously hurt.

Some children who were playing nearby heard the babies crying and the villagers called the police to come and rescue the babies.

Becky named them Joseph, on the left, and Benjamin, on the right, because in the Bible, Joseph and Benjamin were both loved by their parents. We want these babies to know that they are loved. Benjamin is really tiny but he is eating well so we are hopeful that he will be okay.


DL said...

Wow ruth, amazing how God is using you and the orphanage. What a great story to be able to tell them one day that God loved them enough to save them!

Jennifer said...

Can I have them?? Oh my goodness! They are precious :)

Jennifer said...

I would love to be the Mommy that loves them! I couldn't stop thinking about them all night last night. Please keep us posted on how they are doing!