Saturday, August 08, 2015

A Visit from the Chief

This morning we had a visit from the village chief ( tribal king). He brought us a large bag
filled with guinea fowl eggs. This is a very precious gift because eggs are very rare in the village during this season.

The chief also came asking us for help. He has had cataracts in both of his eyes. He had surgery about 2 years ago in one eye and has not had the means to have the other eye done. The cataract in his left eye is now very advanced and he can barely see out of it.

In talking with the chief, cataract surgery is done at the hospital in Banfora (about 2 hours away), and the cost is about 40,000 fcfa or about $80. Considering all that the chief has done to help us to advance the project here in Kimini, we feel that providing him this money is a very small thing that we can do for him.

Please pray with us that in helping to give the chief natural sight, he will also come to know the Father of Light.

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ESolgos said...

Praying specifically for this chief! Therese says "bonjour"!