Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sponsorship Works!

This past week we were visiting Nonfesso, a small neighboring village of Kimini, and the director of
Salif, 6 Years Old, First Grade
the school had lined up over 100 children needing sponsors. The children's stories are all very similar. . . too many children in the family, father not able to grow enough grain to feed his family, no money for the most basic medical care, no money to send the children to school, etc. 

The children were almost all barefoot and wearing clothes that would not even be found on our rag shelf.

The needs of the children here are overwhelming. God has sent Linda and I here to do what we can. And, we cannot turn our backs on their needs.

We asked the director and the teachers to choose 25 children with the greatest needs. We have signed these children up for sponsorship and when they are all sponsored, we will add 25 more to our waiting list.

My name is Fanana and I am in the 3rd Grade
Today, we are turning to you expressing the need and asking you to consider taking a child into your heart. We will send you a sponsorship packet with a picture of your child and their story.

For just $35 a month, you will send a child to school, provide books and school supplies, provide a food distribution for the family in June and in December, and provide medical care as needed.

Would you please help us to care for these children?

Arouna, 6 Years Old, First Grade
Fatimata, 11 Years Old, 4th Grade 

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