Thursday, June 05, 2014

Going home--

Initial moments
These past two weeks have flown by as we met the Dorseys, introduced them to their sweet little son, Sylvain, finished up paperwork at the US Consulate and at Social Action, and saw a little bit of Burkina through their eyes.
Kellen meeting Sylvain

After paperwork was finished we made a trip to Yako where they met their child, Waogba, who they sponsor through Sheltering Wings. They brought a backpack and some clothes for Waogba, spent some time with him, and met some of the children from the Yako orphanage.

Wendinda, Cris, and Sylvain
Waogba and the Dorsey Family

We also made a trip to Koudougou to visit the orphanage where Sylvain spent the first 3 years of his life before being transferred to an orphanage in Ouagadougou. On the return of this trip, we stopped by a lake which contains sacred crocodiles where everyone had a chance to sit on a croc. . . if they so desired.

Sylvain and his family are doing wonderfully well. Sylvain is a very gentle and tender-hearted little boy who gets so excited sometimes that he can just hardly contain himself! He is already understanding many English phrases and is repeating many, many words.

The Dorsey family are a gift from God. They came to Burkina with open hearts and with deep love for this little son/brother whom they had not yet met. It was love at first sight for each one of them. Sylvain was ready for his family to come for him. And, after a long wait, the Dorseys were ready to meet their son. Sylvain has some special needs and his family is ready for the challenge.

Tomorrow will be a bitter-sweet day of saying goodby to new friends while knowing that another child has been rescued by his Forever Family!

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