Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our God has made a way--

We are rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord tonight for two of our girls, Phoebe Sawadogo and Delphine Kiendrebeogo, passed the entrance exam are were admitted to a Christian Teachers’ School in Ouagadougou today.  Oh, God is so good! 

Phoebe finished the 10th grade and passed the standardized test called the BEPC this past June.  This is the minimum qualification for a student at the teachers school.   
Delphine passed the BEPC in 2011 and completed the 11th grade this past year. 

Both of the girls have been asking to go to teachers’ school for a couple of years now and the time and the favor of the Lord has come.  They will be attending a school called EFORE which is a private school recognized by the State for primary school teachers.  They will have one year of classroom and theory training and then they will have one year of an internship.  After their second year they will take a final exam to earn their diploma.

The school has dormitory facilities so the girls will live on campus and take their meals from the school cafeteria. 


Jennifer said...

So great to hear! Tell them both good luck from me please.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog! Very interesting to read about the children and many other things.
Regards from Sweden

Laura said...

Wow, I'm so happy for them! It's really good to have to cute pictures as well! Tell them Congratulations and I'll keep praying for them all!
I miss you guys!