Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goodby USA Family - Hello Burkina Family

Saying goodbye is always difficult for me and this trip was no exception. But, I am so thankful that this trip was truly a ‘rest trip’. I worked only a little and now as I return to Burkina most of the things filling my head and heart are sweet memories of times with family and friends.

Of course, ‘home for the holidays’ is always very special and therapeutic. We had memorable times together to remember the birth of our Savior and to celebrate His love.

This is 4-year old Claire

Great Grandma and 4 of the grandchildren.

The magic of Christmas

Family celebrations

And more family celebrations

I enjoyed lots and lots of face-to-face ‘coffee time’ with friends from near and far.

Lunch with friends from California, MO and Columbia, MO.

Coffee with Kate Horrigan

The Mathenys from Kentucky

And, just some everyday family time.

Claire is a ‘bat’ as she hangs upside down

Lillian getting her ears pierced. She isn't so happy in this picture but she was very happy and proud to show her new earrings afterwards.

Family fun with a new WII game


Sara said...

It fills my heart to see all these pictures and know that you are refreshed. You pour so much love into Burkina with such joy, it's a blessing to know you.

Stephanie said...

Playing with the wii was a lot of fun! Lol!!