Sunday, April 18, 2010

Groud Breaking Ceremony for our School!

This past Thursday was the first weekly progress meeting for the construction of our new school. All of the main players were in attendance, the contractor and his son, the head mason, the controller, the director of our school and myself.

The meeting was short but in important in that the controller read through the quality requirements of the contract including the specifics for the amount of bricks made from each bag of cement, the diameter of iron used for the reinforced foundation and support poles, the dimensions for the building, the walls, the terrace, etc. Everyone present signed the first meeting report.

After the signing of the meeting notes, the controller reviewed the orientation of the building and re-measured the foundation that had been staked out.

Please pray for our contractor and his son. Our contractor, Issa, is a Muslim man and at the end of our meeting, he asked me to pray for the project and for the work that was to be done. Of course, we are praying daily that God will direct the progress of the building and protect the workers as they do their work. But, even more importantly, please pray with us that the Holy Spirit of God will give Issa revelation of the Father's heart of love and of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.

We are so excited! God is doing wondrous things for us!

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