Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Dresses for Africa and Chicken Project

Little Dresses for Africa
There is a project called 'Little Dresses for Africa' and we have been the recipient now of 3 groups of ladies making these dresses and sending them to us. Last September when torrential rains hit Ouagadougou we were able to give 150 dresses to families who had lost everything except what they could carry when the flood waters washed their homes away.

This week, Lisa and Sarah planned a party for the girls in our school and gave each little girl a new dress. The purpose of the party was to teach the girls the value of women in society and to inspire them to be all that they can be 'in Jesus'.

They played games, sang songs, and Sarah taught them the story from Matthew 19 where Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me'. Each little girl also took home a little heart that said 'Jesus loves you'.

Chicken Project
This past year Sheltering Wings was the recipient of a grant from the J Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust in the amount of $2,500. The money was to build a project to raise chickens and to expand our weaving project.

Last summer, we built a chicken house out of concrete blocks with a concrete floor and a concrete pad surrounding the house. We enclosed the chicken yard with wire fencing. And, we were ready to buy chickens.

We bought chickens 3 times and each time within a few days to a week, the chickens died. One time, they were too small. The other two times, they were not vaccinated and they died. But, the 4th time, we took the chickens from the animal market straight to the veterinarian to be vaccinated. And, after 2 weeks we can now say that our chickens are thriving!

We are now looking forward to our chickens producing eggs for our children to eat.

For the weaving project, we bought a new loom and now have 3 young women weaving. Two of our weavers are now experienced and they are helping to teach and train our third weaver.


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The girls looks beautiful and so happy! So glad you are having success with the chickens!