Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Names Written in Heaven--

Dear Family and Friends, 14 December, 2008

New Names Written in Heaven—
We are rejoicing with the angels in heaven for Therese and Ascension who invited Jesus into their hearts this week. Therese is 8 years old and Ascension is 18 years old.

We have been praying for Ascension for several years now and in the Lord’s perfect way and perfect timing, He softened Ascension’s heart and gave him the boldness to stand before all of his brothers and sisters here at the orphanage and ask Jesus to come into his heart.
Therese was in the same meeting when Ascension made his commitment to the Lord but she kept silent. Then, just a few days later when the invitation was given at our sponsorship party, Therese raised her hand and said that she wanted to ask Jesus to come and live in her heart.

Ascension Therese

Sponsorship Christmas Party
Saturday, December 13th was the Sponsorship Christmas party. We held it on the orphanage property and there were 150 children here for a day of feasting and fun. The day with a soccer match and then moved into a time of singing ‘Jesus songs’. One of our local pastors, Pastor Eli, told the story of Christmas and every child’s face and attention was on Pastor Eli. When an invitation was given to ask Jesus into their hearts, 15 children responded and went up front. They repeated a simple prayer and then all of us prayed for them. The names of these children have been given to the local pastor nearest to the home of each child so that each child will be encouraged to grow in their new faith.
Other events of the day were drama and singing presentations made by each group, games like ‘fishpond’, ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, and sack races, and lunch of spaghetti, fried fish, and watermelon. Everyone left with cookies and candy that they received from winning games or as a parting gift at the gate.
Please pray for all of these children who made a commitment to Christ this week. Most of them will return to Muslim or Animistic homes and may not be able to attend church or Sunday school. But, they are all permitted to attend our weekly meetings held at the church near their home and each week, they are hearing about Jesus and of His great love for each one of them.

Sponsorship Distributions—
Because of anticipated civil unrest. . . which did not occur. . . school in all of Burkina was cancelled this past week. So, we took advantage of this time for the children to be out of school to hold 3 distributions and our Christmas party for the sponsored children.

We combined the 2 groups in Sector 6 into one distribution at the Sayo church, then continued to the Sector 7 church in Goodin, and finished with the Sector 1 and 4 groups at the Central Church here in Yako. Everyone came and the children performed what they had been preparing for the Christmas party. As usual, everyone left happy and content.
This Saturday, the 20th will be the distribution day for all of the remaining children.

Deborah returns to her family.
Little Deborah has been with us at the orphanage since she was just 5 days old. Her mother was not well mentally and the man thought to be her father fled to the Ivory Coast. But, the family of Deborah’s father said that they wanted her and we have cared for her for 14 months.
This past week, Deborah’s aunt came and stayed in Deborah’s room. caring for her, feeding her and bathing her. Within 2 days, Deborah would not leave her aunt’s side and it was clear that Deborah would be loved and cared for. It is always bitter-sweet to say ‘good-by’ to one of our children but knowing that Deborah will be in a loving family makes it a little easier to let her go.

New baby – Nafisatou
Nafisatou is 3 weeks old and she came to live at the orphanage this week. Nafisiatou was born at home but 10 days after her birth, her mother died. She did not see a doctor so it is assumed that she died from complications of the birth.
Nafisatou will stay with us for 12 months giving her father and the family time to stabilize and then she will integrate back into her family.

We have a New Car!
Yes! We do have a new car but it is not yet completely in our hands. Liz and I are here in Ouaga today to sign more papers and we were hoping to drive the car back to Yako. But, the papers are not yet ready and it is not wise to take the car on the road until all of the papers are in order. We are now hoping that when we return here next week to celebrate Christmas with some friends, the car will be ready.

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift!

Love and blessings to you in this most Holy Season!
Ruth. . . Mom. . . Grandma


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! It is SOOO amazing to know that our prayers are continuously being answered! Watching this little webpage of JOY is just such an amazing blessing! We pray for all of you every SUN morning and I cant wait to give this great update to our Burkina crew! love you and miss you lots (see you in 6 months!!!)
~Kelly Beazley

Rachel said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! oh my word Ruth, i'm bawling my eyes out as i write this to you!! i just wrote a really bad exam that i don't think i did very well on at all and was looking for good news in my email to cheer me up and this is WAAAYY more than i could have ever asked for!! PLEASE give ascension and therese a huge hug from me and let them know that i am praying for them and for all of you at les ailes des refuge daily and i dream about the day when i get to come back. literally. almost every night i have dreams that i am back with u guys. oh i miss it so much it hurts! i just wish i was already done my schooling so that i could just COME! oh, i don't even know what to write, i'm just so incredible full of JOY!! between the ascnecion, therese, deborah, and the new truck! oh its so exciting!! ok, i need to go, but i want ot wish u the MERRIEST Christmas and all of God's Blessings on you all!!
All my love,

Grace said...

Hey Ruth,

It was so fun to read your blog and to know So many wonderful things happening there. I LOVE to know these stories and see pictures of little kids. Our baby boy, Joshua, is seven month old today. It is so hard for me to think that he lives in life that nobody cares him and loves. I think our heavenly father will feel same way. I am so grateful for those who are well taken care in your orphanage...

I miss you a lot and hope will get email from you, if it is possible. I think you would be happy to know that I married a great Christian brother and a wonderful baby...

Merry Christmas, Ruth. I miss the first Christmas I had in chengdu with you...

Anonymous said...

Dear mom Ruth, I'm so glad I finally find you and your blog! My husband and I were approved by Burkina Faso as an adoptive family...and lately we got a picture of you with the little Rachel in your arms. It's a great joy for us waiting the time to come to our beloved baby knowing what you and God through you is doing far there. Thanks so much,