Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal for a Deep Well--

A forage is a deep, drilled well. Last year an association called Friends in Action drilled in 2 different locations in our courtyard trying to get clean, pure water for the orphanage and school. In both of these drillings, they found water but it was very dirty water, full of sand and silt. We were discouraged. Friends in Action were discouraged.
This is a picture of the first of our drilling efforts last year.

There is water on our property but it is deep. The equipment that FIA has only has the capability of drilling 60 to 70 meters and the water is resting at 80 to 90 meters.

This past week I received a call from an organization called ODE here in Burkina. They are a Christian relief and development association which do water projects, agricultural projects, schools, clinics, etc. We have submitted a request for a forage with them in 2004 and our request had just worked its way to the top of their request list.

I went in and talked with ODE this past week to see what kind of drilling equipment they have and whether they would be able to drill to the depth that we need to find good water. And, THEY DO have this very powerful drill! We talked about the composition of the land here in Yako and they said that they have drilled several wells in our region and that they are aware of the problems that we have recently encountered.

ODE will be coming to Yako soon to do an initial study of our land to determine where they will drill. Then they will make a schedule of their work for the upcoming dry season and will give us a date that they will come to drill for us.

I must admit to you that I had lost hope of having a well on the property. We are connected to city water but our water bills run between $200 and $300 per month. And, that is only for drinking, bathing and washing clothes. With a well, we will be able to garden during the dry season and have plenty of water for our animals.

I am reminded and encouraged by Isaiah 35 which says that in the joy of the redeemed 'The burning sand will become a pool and the thirsty ground bubbling springs'. We live on the edge of the Sahel and we know burning sand and dry, thirsty ground, but, the Lord is going to give us streams in the desert.


Jackie said...

Oh Mama Ruth,
What a blessing and encouragement to read all that's going on at Sheltering Wings. We will continue to cover you and the children in prayer. What exciting news about a well coming. God is so faithful. My heart is always renewed with passion to stick with the long road of adoption when I hear of all that God is doing there.

We love you so much!!
Jackie Hodson

Kristen said...

MAMA RUTH! How exciting!! God is truly pouring His blessings over the orphanage! My heart is longing to come back, and I am very excited for our trip next summer! Therese is looking fabulous with all that hair! I am in awe of all the children, and I am so glad God has blessed me to meet you and all the children. I hope you are ready for a lot of helping hands next summer! We are ready to do God's will! LOVE U SOOO MUCH!!!
Kristen Imhoff

Anonymous said...

HOW exciting to hear all of this great news! MAMA RUTH I MISS YOU... see you soon!! 7 months and counting!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from KElly Beazley