Thursday, April 17, 2008

No water. . . yet--

Hello All! April 17, 2008

Must take just a few minutes to write while I have the opportunity. I am in Ouaga since yesterday but will be leaving in just a few minutes to return to Yako. . . the 'land of no online access'. Argh!!

The team from Friends In Action returned to Yako this past week to drill a second time for water. They went to the other end of the courtyard hoping that the geology, the composition of the soil, etc., would allow them to drill and reach potable water.

The team was composed of 4 working-machine men who literally gave all of their strength and energy to get water for the orphanage. . . but, again this second time, they were not successful. The reason is complicated but in my non-trained understanding of the problems I will explain what is happening.

There is water down there. There is lots of water down there. But, their machine is not powerful enough to drill as deep as they need to go in order to get the water. They drilled down to 55 to 60 meters deep but they feel that the well needs to be in the 80 to 90 meter range. What they got was a liquid mud that kept causing the drilled hole to cave in quicker than they can even get the casing placed in the well.

We do have options but I need a little time for my heart to settle from this current disappointment before researching other associations who would have the equipment and the technology that we need to get a well.

Please pray and ask the Lord for a solution to our need for water. Our water bill this past month was $160. Most of our water usage is from bathing 60 people a day and washing over 200 diapers a day plus what we use for cooking and drinking for the orphanage and the school.

On a more positive side, the construction of the clinic is going wonderfully well. The walls are starting to go up and you can see the progress of the work everyday.

I'll be back in Ouaga again next week and will show you some new pictures of the work on the clinic.

Love and blessings to you!
Ruth. . . Mom. . . Grandma

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